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Fire Training Institutes Airports Authority of India
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do fire category of aerodrome determined?
Aerodrome fire category from cat 1 to cat 10 is determined based on the longest aeroplanes normally using the aerodromes and their fuselage width as per ICAO.

2. At different category of airports how do fire safety proetction and prevention measures are provided?
For fire safety protection and prevention measures at different category of airports, airport fire service follows the guidelines of International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

3. How can I get a job in airport fire service?
You have to pass examination and interview which are being conducted by AAI for different level of non executive and executives.

4. What qualifications are needed to be an airport fire fighter?
For non executive level candidates shall have 10+2 qualification passed and for executive level fire engineering degree or equivalent is needed. Airport fire fighter should posses? Heavy vehicle driving license.

5. Are there any female fire personnel in the airport fire service?
There are no female fire personnel in the AAI fire service.

6. Where can I get fire safety training information and calender of training?
You can get fire safety training information & fire training calender on AAI website www.aai.aero or contact to O/o General Manager (FS), Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan, Safdarjung Airport, New Delhi ? 03.

7. How many fire traininig centres with Airports Authority of India?
There are two fire training centres with AAI namely Fire Training Centre, New Delhi & Fire Service Training Centre, Kolkata.

8. I want to undergo the basic fire service training course, how should I apply for the same?
Please do the following to undergo the said course:

1.Download application form
2.Fill the form alongwith medical certificate to be duly checked and certified by Regd,. Medical Practinoners with Regd. No.
3.Mention whether to undergo Basic Training Course at FSTC kolkata or FTC, New Delhi
4.Detail charges are given (proforma invoice) in the AAI website http://www.aai.aero/institutes/Fire_Training.jsp

9. Is there any refresher training for fire fighters?
Yes, there are various refresher course are designed for the fire fighter and fire safety officer.

10. What qualifications are needed for the admission to Basic Training Course?
You should pass 10+2 qualification and posses? heavy vehicle driving license. For further details visit on http://www.aai.aero/public_notices/BTC_ADMN_2011.pdf

11. Does the fire training centre assist in job placement?
Yes, partially for private trainee of basic training course.

12. Can I pay the balance of the course fee while I am attending classess?

13. If water leakage is observed from fire hydrant. Whom should I report this?

Contact fire control room / fire station who will co-ordinate the repair with facilities. Any discrepancies w.r.t. fire protection or alarm systems should be reported immediately.

14. If I hear the fire alarms in terminal building, what should I do?
Normally fire drills in the terminal building are always announced in advance with notification in the building. Should you hear alarms, follow the emergency evacuation procedures for the building.

15. Do I need to notify AAI fire service if I am planning for a hot work job at airport?
Yes, in order to obtain hot work permit, concern section should approve and the forward the requisition for work permit to Incahrge Fire station.

16. In case of aircraft emergency what is the role of fire service crew?
Rescue & Fire fighting crew remain standby to meet an emergency as per defined procedure in Airport Emergency Plan (AEP).

17. How do those big fire tenders at airports differ from municipal fire tenders?
RFFV at airports are designed and maintained as per guidance of International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) where municipal fire tender are designed as per BIS and state guideline.